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(free) 03:45


released April 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Matthew James Gilliam Toledo, Ohio

Matthew James Gilliam is a acoustic/folk/indie artist from Toledo, OH, and at times, Scranton, PA. His music is good, you should take a listen to it, and even consider purchasing his newest album, "What If We Were Sleeping?". While achievements are merely relative, James' music has been featured in the Toledo City Paper and was showcased in the Toledo Art Walk in September 2011. ... more

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Track Name: Any Minute Now
You step outside for a cigarette break
The bottle is slipping in your hands a shake
30 minutes in and your not okay
You said your heads fine you just fell asleep
We order you a cab another night you drive away
You drive away

She doesn't tell a soul where the bruises come from
And when the liquor gets poured what do you become
When you storm outside and you never come home
While she's wishing she was loved cause she's beaten and alone

Any minute now the fight will end
Something will die and never live again
But there is still hope
For the enemies, my friend

There's a place where to dead come to life and
There's a place where the doubters are believin'
You can break all the chains that you have made

Every mountain top leads to a new one
Every ocean wave bigger than last one
Just open your eyes and turn around

Any minute now the fight will end
There will be something that will never be again
All that's left to do is turn around my friend
Track Name: Noah's Ark
Well I never really met her
Before that destined day
When I sat right beside her
And the jokes would pass each way
She says it never meant a thing
Until I made her see
That I never met her soul before that day
I never met her soul before that day

The trees would turn to ashes
And my hope for her would too
It never made much sense that you looked
Past my fight for you
But as each leaf was falling down
The evergreen stood true
And I’d fight past my ashes to get you
I’d fight past my ashes to get you

The waters were all rising as the
Boat was near complete
I barely made it to the helm
With chains around my feet
I set sail for freedom though
I was sure of my defeat
But little did I know what you would see
Little did I know what you would see

I bet Noah’s ark was cozy for those forty days and nights
Those two-by-twos were happy they were staying warm n’ dry
And I hope that I wake up one morning’ with you by my side
There’s nothing like your heartbeat next to mine
Nothing like your heartbeat next to mine

There’s nothing like you’re heartbeat
Nothing like your heartbeat
There’s nothing like your heartbeat next to mine