What If We Were Sleeping?

by Matthew James Gilliam

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A collection of folk and acoustic rock music that was written and recorded by me over the winter, spring and summer months of 2010 and 2011 in the Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania.


released September 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Matthew James Gilliam Toledo, Ohio

Matthew James Gilliam is a acoustic/folk/indie artist from Toledo, OH, and at times, Scranton, PA. His music is good, you should take a listen to it, and even consider purchasing his newest album, "What If We Were Sleeping?". While achievements are merely relative, James' music has been featured in the Toledo City Paper and was showcased in the Toledo Art Walk in September 2011. ... more

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Track Name: To Keep You
Walk down every alley
Chase down every car
Cracked and broken paving
Singin songs to walls

I still have every memory
Black ink in my eyes
Voices mark the silence
Put your hand in mine

And I want you
I'll tell you
I pray too
To know you

I'll fight for you
and hear you
And pray too
To keep you

Remember faint laughing
When you would lose your step
You never seemed to notice
How quickly I would catch

Take time to think about it
All the times we shared
Quick smiles and short letters
About you in my prayers

Cmon bright eyes
Gimme a chance
Hey for once
I could try

Cmon bright eyes
Gimme a sign
Hey for once
I could sing all night
Track Name: Puzzle
Operator, operator
Can you connect my call
There's a girl around the corner
And I've got no time at all

Gotta catch her, gotta catch her
Before she moves away
I've spent all this time thinking
'bout all the words I'd say

Before she is gone
Before she moves on
I must give her my all
So operator, please connect my call

Train conductor, train conductor
Please help me get back home
There's a girl my heart is after
And she's never really known

Gotta meet her, gotta meet her
So at least she knows my name

So before she is gone
Before she moves on
I must sing her my song
Train conductor, help me get back home

Amphitheater, amphitheater
Please get my message heard
There’s an angel with hazel eyes
Who needs to hear my words
Track Name: Sailing Ships
Remember when we all were young
And all the songs to sing unsung
We’d laugh until the day was done
For hours and hours till setting sun

The streets would hold our wildest dreams
We’d think of games and childish things
We’d sail upon the open seas
And take the roles of kings and queens

How those days would never end!
Lives we made and played pretend
It seemed no force could break these friends
Our love it’d never apprehend

But slowly drifting off to sea
We never thought what we might see
That maybe beauty blinded beast
And sails would fight the west to east

And all the while us little ones
Blinded by what we’d become
Would take the farthest path we’d run
Long at last our fate was done

How much we thought this love was ground!
Yet all the while our ship not found
Had crashed upon that rocky mound
A soul from the ship’s crew had drowned

And now we’re banished to a mess
Where words are lost in emptiness
We both have boarded our own ships
That sail away from childishness

Admittedly my ship is strong
It may just make it past the dawn
But I remember songs unsung
And laughing till the day is done

Oh how I wish you’d laugh with me!
Just one last time before you leave
To sail upon the open seas
And take the roles of kings and queens

Sailing ships. Sailing ships.
Track Name: Pay The Piper
and we all walk down to the water
just to see what there is to see
though it's dark and cold
some of us are old
we all lend our hands
down to fool's gold

if we all walk down to the station
we can catch the next train to the city
get your piggy banks
give the Lord your thanks
and just watch your step
as the engine cranks away

woah woah

for we all must pay to the piper
so we all must answer to a King
though He reigns not nigh
there is proof upon His thigh
that we homage due
in our every reply

and we all walk down to the water
just to see what there is to see
though there's sinking sand
we persist but can't withstand
only by his blood
from his feet and hands
Track Name: Crawl
books line the walls
a date not due
a turn of the page
from something new

a cancer to feed
to pick up what
an empty hand
to fall apart

Will you set down you crown
and crawl for me?
will you get off your throne
and be like me?

this walk is long
and hard for you
the wayside a trap
to fall into

the tiny baby bird
forever stays
in the twine
and paper frays

she leaves at once
begin again
baby bird
alone to fend
Track Name: Stop The Rain (I Miss You)
I look out of my bedroom window
I see the stars as they circle round the sky
I see the moon in a solemn solitude
Wishing he could touch the high tide

An old man on a broken park bench
He has come every day for fifty years
His hand rests where she used to put hers
His heart breaks and he fights back the tears

And all
the world
and all of it
couldn't show me how

And all the things
I know inside
Don't seem to give it up

She holds her breath as she sets the flowers down
A cold stare to match the cold stone
How to face a world without his smile
He was much to young to leave me alone

I can't look at the pictures of us
I can't even bear to say your name
Every word is soaked in memories
Reminds me of what we became

And all
the world
and all of it
couldn't show me how

And all the things
I know inside
Don't seem to bring it up

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

And all the things
that give is us pain
that come in swarms
and ocean waves

We offer them
up to a king
who wipes the tears
and stopped the rain